Dear SaylorMoon community,

I’m Javier Cervantes, main dev of this project. Firstly I would like to thank you all for being part of this project and for your trust on us by keep holding it even though our Market Cap has suffered this depreciation. We can assure without any doubts that we have one of the best communities here in all the BSC.

We are aware that some of you may have lost the initial enthusiasm for this project, but we definitely have not. We continue working on the development of an innovative SWAP which its functions no other swap has met till the date: we want to do something different. We are working hard on it, but it’s also true that this project gets its investment from the income that SaylorMoon gives back which, due to the current volume, it doesn’t allow us to push forward as fast as we’d like to due to its costs are pretty high.

We are also aware that the contracts that are currently receiving more FOMO are those ones that give back dividends instead of reflection of the same token. That’s the reason why all the devs team we have come up with an idea that will change SaylorMoon forever.

We are glad to introduce you to the SaylorMoon Squad: The new SaylorMoon and her two faithful companions!

We think you all should meet these two new companions as they are not just two regular ones… they have come to support SaylorMoon with all their strength as she is the captain of this squad!

They are SaylorBNB and SaylorCake, the two new saylors who will continue fighting against scams and honeypots but with more updated tokenomics: they will distribute dividends among their holders plus they will also allocate 2% of all their transactions (buyings & sellings) to SaylorMoon and burn it straight away. This will increase the trading (which means SaylorMoon’s green candles) and burning those tokens will increase its price.

In the next few days we will expand this information.

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